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Take the guess work out of what to eat. With our menus, snacks and beverage list dinners and brown-bag lunches have never been easier.

The following menus provide between 1900-2100 daily calories balanced from the recommended servings of food from each food group. Click here to calculate your calorie needs. The menu can be tailored to meet lower or higher calorie needs by serving smaller or larger portions of the foods listed. The menus meet the fat and sodium requirements of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for all Americans. Daily fat content is provided between 20-35% of total calories and saturated fat does not exceed 10% of total calories. Daily sodium is limited to 2400 milligrams. Most important, they are great tasting!

Would you like to submit a menu for a meal, day or week? Entries will be analyzed and posted if they meet the same nutrition criteria as the Fit City for Fit Families menus.

100 Calorie Snack Ideas
Snacks, My Pyramid Way
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Week Two Menu (pdf)
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