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Fit City Challenge
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Fit City Challenge
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Fit City Challenge


Learn about the Fit City Challenge and how participating can make you, your family and your worksite healthier.

Lose Weight, Donate
Whether you need to lose a lot, a little or nothing at all, sign up for the challenge and show your support for those in need in our community.

Grocery Store Tour
Watch this clip for healthy and cost-saving grocery shopping tips from a Registered Dietitian.

Fit City Challenge - MeckWeb Makeover
Listen to what motivated some people to participate in their employer's Fit City Challenge Makeover.

Making Decisions for a Healthier Life
Several Fit City Challenge participants discuss what has motivated them to make better choices that have given them a healthier life.

Packing a Waste-Free Lunch
Each child that packs a “disposable” lunch creates 67 pounds of waste each year. Try packing a healthy, earth friendly lunch for work or school. Not only is it good for the environment, it will save you money too. Try some of our helpful tips.

Sport Sense: Hydration for Athletes
Did you know that a 150-pound athlete can lose as much as six 8-ounce glasses of water in just one hour! Of course this fluid must be replenished, but find out the best means of hydration.

Healthy Options to Pick Eating Out
You may be tempted to throw your healthy intentions out the window when dining out or on vacation. You don't have to sacrifice taste or satisfaction to make healthy choices. Before you place your order, take a look at our guide to what to try and what to limit when dining out.

Serving Size: Read the Label
Learn the ins and outs of reading a food label.

Beach Ball Fun
Break up your next meeting with a Fit City Minute and you too can get moving, get your blood pumping and the ideas flowing.

Name that Fruit & Veggie
A great Fit City Minute to introduce new fruits and veggies to children and adults.

Do the Fruit & Veggie Dance
Introduce a little activity into your meetings. Don't be shy. Take a meeting break and get moving to this fun dance.

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