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Fit City Challenge
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Fit City Challenge

Welcome to Fit City for Worksite Wellness!

The Fit City Worksite Wellness Program is available to businesses in Mecklenburg County to offer helpful suggestions and resources to make the workplace a healthier environment. Healthier employees can mean:
Lower health care costs
Less sick time away from work
Improved productivity
Reduced workplace injury
Better employee morale
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Learn about Fit City Worksite Wellness

1 Create a Worksite Wellness Team
2 How Healthy Is Your Worksite?
3 Give Your Break Room a Makeover
4 Try These Healthy Vending Options
5 Not Sure How to Start a Worksite Wellness Program?
Work it Off!
Use our calculator tool before you indulge.
Fit City Minute Video Clips
Fun ideas to introduce into your meetings.
BMI Calculator
Find out if your BMI puts you at risk.
Fit City Fit Foods
Browse our health-friendly recipes.
Burn it Off!
How long will it take you to burn it off?