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Fit City Challenge

Building a Healthier Worksite

Break Room or Cafeteria Makeover

It is important for employees to have a clean, inviting place to eat a nutritious lunch and have a place they can safely store and prepare their food. This allows them to bring a healthy lunch from home instead eating out.

Here are some ideas to make it an inviting space:

  • Improve lighting: Add lamps for a more relaxing environment.
  • Add a CD player or television.
  • Bring in magazines in good condition; fitness and health related are best.
  • Update furniture: remove dirty or well worn tables and chairs and replace with comfortable chairs and clean tables. If you can not replace furniture, try adding heavy duty plastic table cloths, inexpensive plastic vases with real or fake flowers.
  • Add real plants to the space. If there is a window, there are many plants that can thrive in an indoor environment, consider an indoor herb garden.
  • Have a refrigerator available for employees to store food.
  • Have a microwave available for employees to heat food.
  • Have a toaster oven available.
  • Include a bulletin board in the break room with healthy eating ideas, resources for connecting walking partners and other fitness and nutrition information.
  • If you do not have a cleaning service, designate one employee the task of straightening the lunch room, wiping down tables and cleaning out the refrigerator. Could rotate these tasks monthly.